How to make passive income

There are many ways people choose to invest to ensure their financial security and comfortable retirement. These wealth building options range from low yield CD’s, to 401ks, to risky stock market investments. Although these methods might work for some people, they are not forms of passive income. Without passive income, you cannot ensure your financial future. The yields from CD’s are too low to provide a comfortable retirement. You must save large amounts of money to contribute to a 401k and you lose this option if you are laid off or fired. The volatile stock market is no place to entrust your financial future in, it is too volatile and you could lose everything.

All of these investments have one thing in common- they put the control of your money into someone else’s hands. However, there is an alternative that more and more people are turning to in order to gain financial independence- real estate investing. When you invest in real estate you are in complete control of your financial destiny. You choose the properties you invest in and how to run your business. You are making all the decisions that impact your success- including how much you want to work.

Real estate investing is one of the primary ways people make passive income.The great thing about rental real estate is that once you buy and rehab a property and rent it out, you don’t have to do anything but pick up the checks. You don’t even have to respond to tenant complaints or ensure that your properties are occupied- hire a property manager for that.

Rental income from real estate is passive because once you set it up, your business runs yourself. You could be asleep or on vacation and your business would still be making money for you.